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I am Dr. Iman Hypolite

The Journey of A Black Psychiatrist

I am a dually board-certified psychiatrist and the founder of Aspira Health and Wellness.

I completed my medical education and training at top 10 institutions: Case Western Reserve University, University of Maryland, and The Johns Hopkins Hospital. As a former National Institutes of Health researcher, I am the author of several published papers.

With over 20 years of clinical experience, I have developed tremendous skill and expertise working across various sectors of healthcare.

While it has been a great honor to serve as a physician, I would not be telling the entire story if I did not share that it also came at a great cost.

For years, I unknowingly and silently suffered through what we now commonly refer to as professional burnout. After accepting that my circumstances would not change unless I also changed, I embarked on a journey of self healing, self-care, and self-love, all of which ultimately led to mind, body, and spiritual healing and the revamping of my overall way of life.

The invaluable tools and lessons learned through my professional experience and personal journey have transformed and enriched my practice of medicine. It is my pleasure to offer these services to my clients and patients through Aspira!


inspired by the latin word ‘aspirare’, which has dual meanings:

1) To breathe and  2) To aim, achieve, hope, or have ambition.

Both meanings capture the essence of what we promote and partner with our patients 
to cultivate in their own lives, i.e. the courage to give themselves permission to breathe and to soar!


inspired by the latin word ‘aspirare’, which has dual meanings:

1) To breathe and  2) to aim, achieve, hope, or have ambition.

Both meanings capture the essence of what we promote and partner with our patients 
to cultivate in their own lives, i.e. the courage to give themselves permission to breathe and to soar!

Aspira is an intentionally designed women’s mental health & wellness practice.

Conditions treated

Aspira specializes in and places its sole focus on the following conditions:

Services Offered

All services are provided via telepsychiatry, using a confidential, HIPAA compliant, and easy-to-use video platform.


We are proud to service patients located in and holding a driver's license (or other proof or residency) from the following states:

Our Philosophy

We are PASSIONATE about self-care, self-love, healthy relationships, as well as healthy and balanced lifestyles.

We believe that goodness of fit between mental health providers and patients is essential! Our process begins with pre-screening prospective clients in order to attempt to determine goodness of fit as early as possible.

We believe that most, if not all people, benefit from the “gift of therapy” during at least one phase of life. Though we do not currently offer psychotherapy, we either partner with our patients’ existing psychotherapists or help them find a therapist if they do not have one.

We believe that wealth is not defined solely by one’s career and financial success. It is ultimately defined by one’s health and wellbeing.

Our Services

Our offerings include medication/supplement management and wellness coaching for depression, anxiety, stress, grief, difficult transitions, and professional burnout. Dr. Hypolite strongly encourages, and in some cases, may require that patients have the additional support of a licensed psychotherapist (as well as regular primary care visits) in order to receive services in her practice.

Dr. Hypolite does not believe that every individual who experiences unpleasant or even painful emotions necessarily requires or would even benefit from psychiatric medication.

Dr. Hypolite has a relatively conservative approach to medication management and believes that sometimes people may only need time, rest, self-care, support from loved ones, and/or psychotherapy to heal from stressful and painful life circumstances and emotional wounds.

It is sometimes a fine and unclear line between those who only need therapy and self-care versus those who may additionally benefit from medication to further heal and recover emotionally. Teasing out this fine line is Dr. Hypolite’s specialty!

Please note that given that Aspira is a Telepsychiatry-only practice, controlled substances (for e.g. Xanax, Ativan, Adderall, Amphetamines, Ritalin, etc.) are not prescribed.

Dr. Hypolite’s practice is a safe space to explore evidenced-based, alternative and complementary health modalities, such as supplements and self-care routines, to help with milder cases of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Dr. Hypolite believes mental health and wellness are not just about therapy and meds. Much of our mental health has to do with our daily habits and our lifestyles.  Dr. Hypolite collaborates with wellness specialists who work with her patients to help them identify and establish a wellness/self-care “toolkit” that consists of sustainable, individualized self-care routines. 

Through Aspira’s personalized assessments, we partner with you (as well as with your therapist and other physicians should you so choose) to develop a comprehensive and holistic plan to achieve not only mental, but full mind-body wellness.  

On a case-by-case basis, Dr. Hypolite provides second opinion consultations as well as consultations for certain surgical and anesthesia procedures that require a psychiatric evaluation.

We offer Compassionate Care for Physicians and Clinicians. While our work can be incredibly rewarding, if we are not diligent in maintaining self care, self love, and healthy boundaries with our work, it can take a toll. Dr. Hypolite has shared that she learned this the hard way, then learned to become her own and most important patient, so to speak. Caring for and catering to the unique needs of physicians and clinicians is an honor and a privilege. Reach out today for more information about our services.

Dr. Hypolite is frequently invited to participate in speaking engagements about mental health and wellness for media, colleges/universities, professional organizations, churches, civic organizations, retreats, and corporate events. Contact us today to inquire about booking Dr. Hypolite for your speaking engagement.

Our services are particularly tailored to suit the often unrecognized and underserved needs of high achieving, professional, women of color; however, we treat women of all backgrounds.

Our Process

Contact us for more information or click below to complete our pre-screening to see if our services are a good fit for you.