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BIPOC mental health - professional Black Women - Claudine Gay

What Is SoftLife.MD?

Dr. Iman Hypolite, MD

Dr. Iman Hypolite, MD

Dr. Iman Hypolite is a double board certified psychiatrist. She attended Clark Atlanta University and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Dr. Hypolite completed her residency at University of Maryland and her child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Dr. Hypolite is a passionate advocate for the health and wellbeing of women, children, and families, particularly for BIPOC populations, as well as for improving access to quality healthcare for all. Self love, self care, and soft life are not merely concepts she teaches; they are foundational principles she lives by. More information can be found about her clinical services at and her mental health and education efforts at and on instagram

What Is SoftLife.MD?

BIPOC mental health - professional Black Women - Claudine Gay

SoftLife.MD is a trusted source for evidence-based and informed mental health and wellness education, that caters to the needs and interests of professional women of color. 

SoftLife.MD is a trusted source for evidence-based and informed mental health and wellness education, that caters to the needs and interests of professional women of color.

Hi, I am Dr Iman Hypolite. I am a double-board-certified psychiatrist with over 20 years of clinical experience. I completed my medical education and training at top 10 institutions: Case Western Reserve University, University of Maryland, and The Johns Hopkins Hospital. As a former National Institutes of Health researcher, I published several clinical research papers. 

Now, I am the owner of Aspira Health and Wellness, my private mental health and wellness practice that is dedicated to the care of high-functioning, professional women of color. My private practice’s areas of focus are high-functioning anxiety, depression, and professional burnout. My services are particularly well suited for black women physicians (and other clinicians) who may be experiencing physician burnout and/or exposure to toxic workplace settings.  I offer remote telepsychiatry services in 18 states. More information about my clinical services can be found at

SoftLife.MD was largely born out of my own personal and professional experiences. Most of the above-stated accomplishments, for which I am deeply grateful, came at great personal expense. For years, I silently suffered through what we now commonly refer to as professional burnout. Back then, there was no name for it. I just knew something about my work-life balance, relationship with my career, and overall lifestyle was off. Not only was I not thriving, at that time, I was suffering, i.e. chronically stressed, and eventually it got to the point where that was no longer acceptable. 

It became quite clear that my circumstances would not change unless I did something different…so I did something different! I took a time-out! I exercised the agency that I am blessed and admittedly privileged to have, and I began to make changes to my personal and professional life. I created space and margin to slow down, be still, and calmly assess what was working and not working in my life. This led me to embark on a journey of healing, self-care, and self-love, all of which ultimately led to full mind, body, and spiritual recovery and a complete revamp of my career and overall way of life.

The invaluable tools and lessons learned through my own personal journey have transformed and enriched my practice of medicine. It is from this healed space and renewed passion for wellness that I offer Aspira Health and Wellness (more info at and SoftLife.MD! 

You can think of Aspira as the clinical, patient care side of what I do and SoftLife.MD as the social and community outreach and engagement side of what I do. Soft Life MD is where I will share information and education about black mental health, especially black women’s mental health. My particular niche is healthy and balanced lifestyles, self-care, and self-love for professional women of color, served with an occasional dose of my personal brand of shenanigans! Engaging in dialogue around mental health does not always have to feel heavy, stressful, or sad. I invite and encourage hope, levity, laughter, and joy to all aspects of my work and life!   

I am so excited to share SoftLife.MD with you! This is an intentionally created space to engage with like-minded, professional, black/BIPOC women where we will celebrate and explore the intersection of mental health, womanhood, race, lifestyle, and culture.  Self-love, self-care, and soft life are not just words that I speak about. I also passionately live by them! 

Ultimately, SoftLife.MD creates space to cultivate, encourage, and celebrate BLACK WOMAN JOY! 

Please note that SoftLife.MD should not be considered treatment or a substitution for one’s own mental health care, so we encourage you to find trusted mental health providers in your area should you ever find yourself in need. 

I look forward to connecting soon!

Be well, lovelies!💚


(a.k.a Iman Hypolite, MD)

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